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What To Do While Vacationing In the Golden State

The state of California is without exaggeration one of the best places to visit on a vacation because there is so much to do and see here. This wonderful state is filled with natural beauty and lots of man-made attractions, making it a great place to visit irrespective of whether you are on a family vacation or a honeymoon. Read about the different options that California tourism offers you so that you can plan your itinerary well.

There is no doubt that California has plenty of breathtaking natural beauty. Most people know about the Golden State’s lovely coastline, but they tend to forget that this state also has plenty of mountainous areas where a tourist can enjoy the snows. If beaches are your thing then you have more than 1000 miles to choose from but you could also head to the mountains in order to do some skiing. California also has lots of national parks where you can enjoy nature at its very best.

Of course, there are many places that people immediately associate with California and they are definitely worth a visit. Hollywood, just outside Los Angeles is one such place. There are lots of places you could visit here such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios, Kodak Theater and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre outside which is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is also a good idea to drive to see the iconic Hollywood sign in the hills. Other attractions include Disneyland, Alcatraz Island and the Petrified Forest. If you do visit San Diego then you certainly ought to make a trip to its zoo which is famous all over the world.

California is also a great place to enjoy fine foods and wine. This state is filled with restaurants where you can get to enjoy world class meals. Apart from high quality restaurants there are plenty of blues bars, nightclubs and even comedy clubs here. This state produces all sorts of food stuffs from seafood to vegetables to cheese. California also grows excellent wines that are appreciated all over the world.

If you are looking for some relaxation then you should make it a point to include a trip to a wellness spa in your itinerary. There are high quality spas in California offering the best treatments that will make you look better and feel completely rejuvenated. They are usually set in the serene environs of this state. When you feel completely refreshed you can spend some time going shopping. You’ll find lots of attractive things to buy here, from international fashion to local handicrafts, wine and produce.

Make sure that you plan your itinerary well before you make a trip to California. You’ll be able to enjoy the best of California tourism if you do lots of preparation in order to ensure that you include all your favorite things to do and see in your itinerary. In any case, you might need to make more than one trip to this state in order to experience everything it offers.

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Explore California casinos

Most of the casinos in California are run by American Indian tribes. You can find anything from small cottage casinos to even casino resorts with all the luxuries. You can drive into California Casinos to much more than just the fun of gaming as most of them are located in the wilderness of the tribal lands. There are yet ones located in the downtown city or the freeway for easy access.

Of the whole of California, most of the casinos are located in Southern and Northern California, whereas Central California houses much less casinos. You can bump into California casinos at any time of the day all through the week. The simplest of the casinos will have essential amenities like a restaurant, cafeteria and of course the bingo area. The luxurious resort casinos will have everything like spas, hotels, golf course, steak houses, movie hall and much more under it. There are even ones that have shopping areas and wedding chapels to make the stay at the casino resort a memorable one.

Slots, Blackjack and card games are the games found at California casinos, but traditional craps and roulette is banned by law. Slots like video poker and keno are popular along with card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. There are some casinos that even provide Bingo and Off-track betting. If you love to play craps and roulette, then you should be able to find some wonderful modifications of the game which you would love to play in California.

Barona is a casino resort in southern California which is set in an overwhelming area of 310,000 sq.ft. It houses over 2000 slots, 400 video poker, and even a golf course. The restaurants here serve all kinds of food like Italian, seafood, steaks and cafeteria. You can find so many different games played at 72 tables and you cannot stop yourself from gaming here.

The Agua Caliente is a casino resort spa which is the best place in southern California to take a deep breath and relax the body and mind. It has 40 table games, 200 poker, 50 keno and 1300 slots. The entertainment theater here is the best concert theater in the whole of Southern California.

Casino Pauma is the place to go if you are in for some true serious gaming. The payout offered at this casino is the most popular with about 98% payout. There are basic facilities like the restaurant and cocktail service.

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