The Fun Never Ends in the Hollywood

When you think the name ‘Hollywood’ the first thought that comes to your mind is of movies, fame and celebrities. It is actually a district in Los Angeles and due to its recognition as a movie star hub; it is being considered as a second name for United States Cinema. The city is located west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The city is filled with the glamour of the US movie industry and thus is also popularly known as Tinseltown. Due to the crowd and people who gather in to have a look at this historic movie location, new studios are now being set up in Los Angeles west and other neighboring cities.

There are so many places to visit in the city making it essential that you plan your trip with your top priorities according to the time you have in hand. The place is crowded with movie enthusiasts and you have to be well prepared to beat the rush. This spot is the capital of the world movie industry and shines with the aura of the historic movie studios and music stations. The glitz and glamour of the beginning of the film industry interspersed with the current stars makes it the most happening area in LA.

Before you reach the star studded town, gather some information about the historic movie theatres and these still have movies running in them. The Hollywood Walk of Fame was set up in 1958 and every other prominent figure in the world film industry receives a star in his honor and it is fun trying to find the star of your favorite one. You might have heard about the historic Hollywood Hotel, but you will not be able to find that as it is now replaced with the splendid Kodak Theater and is the present location of the Oscars.

The first thing that movie enthusiasts look for on reaching the Tinseltown is for a major movie studio. Check in at the Paramount studio to fulfill your dream of having visited the most prominent studios in the history of United States Film Industry. There are also others like the Jim Henson studios famous for Muppets and the Raleigh Studio. You will be confused with the several choices of historic landmarks to visit in the Tinseltown. A few of the most prominent locations are CBS Columbia Square, the Bowl, the white letters of the Hollywood, Universal Studios, Capital Records and the Bob Hope Square to name a few.

If you are in the city to catch a glimpse of the celebrities and stars, then lounge around at the historic theaters and the Kodak theatre in the city. They usually host the major movie release premieres and you are sure to get a sight of a celebrity or two. If you are lucky, you can even bump into a celebrity or star in the restaurant front row, shop or theatre. There are even tours that take you on a dream drive so that you can have a look at the celebrity homes in town and prominent film locations. Plan your vacation with proper timing and fun factors so that the whole family is able to enjoy.

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