Optimal management of household waste in California

California elimination plan is an essential cog in the management optimal household waste. The elimination plan is part of a coherent renovation of our waste management. We must therefore now gradually organize their management and collectively manage the construction of recovery and treatment infrastructures more respectful of the environment. But if the projects, foreseen by the plan, are first of all part of a national regulatory framework, at the local level, county plans of waste disposal impose constraints in terms of equipment and organization to the municipalities.

The need to take into account technical waste priorities

There are technical emergencies within California due in part to saturation around the year 2000 of the landfill/s which are currently functioning such as the center in irvine, which will be saturated before 2025 and that of Anaheim, which will be saturated at the end of 2020, on the other hand, due to the uncertainty of opening new landfills, caused by the nature of soils which are porous and the morphology of the land.

In accordance with the provisions of the law of California, the State has a plan for the elimination of household and similar waste. Indeed, it is made compulsory by the new regulatory framework resulting from this law, the departmental elimination plan, was drawn up at the end of 2015 under the authority of the governor, which specifies the composition of the departmental commission.

In 2010, the center revolved around 240,000 cubic tons per year, which corresponds to a density of compacted waste at 240,000 t / year. In 2025, the entire area allocated to the landfill will be saturated. An extension will be possible towards the sea over another ten hectares, with the possibility of saving another ten lockers of 200,000 cubic meters, provided that the supervisory authority gives its approval.

Development and formatting of the waste management plan

This commission thus brings together municipalities, counties, the general council, approved dumpster rental associations, activists in favor of environmental protection, representatives of of the State, waste professionals, representatives of the the environment and energy management, as well as consumers interviewed by the Commission according to the subject dealt with. When the State Commission has developed a draft plan, it must submit it for advice to the Council of the state, then the plan is approved by the administrative authority of California.

In view of the deadlines granted and in order to advance the work, it is essential that the Commission determine its work program, the modalities of its operation and establish a rigorous work schedule. The plan steps are as follows:

The Planning Commission validated the inventory of collection and processing, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and examined the constraints and goals. Also, the main objectives retained by the meeting waste commission lead to encourage the reduction of waste production at source by incentive to compost the organic fraction of household waste at the garden particularly in the heights and isolated areas; seek the complementarity of processing channels (material recovery recyclables, composting, waste incineration); advocate sorting at source and selective collections through options realistic and adapted to constraints and recovery sectors existing, with the objective of separate collection of glass, paper, cardboard boxes and other packaging, with a gradual ramp-up, after validation on test areas.

California dumpster rental

It is important to choose composting and incineration with energy production as basic treatment techniques, for residual materials after selective collection, to define the future organization of the department by maintaining traditional collections at the level of municipalities. By promoting groupings counties for selective collection like the Irvine dumpster rentals initiative, green waste management and processing plants, the region can cover the landfill needs of the ultimate standards for existing sites, particularly at Irvine.

The opening of a Technical Landfill Center from the year 2025 will establish a cost equalization for transfer and treatment and promote job creation. The Planning Commission validated its objectives, taking into account the constraints and existing assets within the State of California. It validated the draft plan and the latter was submitted for opinion to the General Council and from then it was submitted to public inquiry. Then, the waste management planning commission assisted the competent administrative authority to reviewing information relating to its implementation.

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Turmeric Curcumin and Sushi


Due to the large Asian population in California, Japanese food and sushi in particular are very popular.

They are now making sushi with curcumin and this is one of my favorites. This Asian spice has a lot of medecinal properties and it tastes great when added on a sushi, what a great combination. You can find information about the nutritional properties of turmeric curcumin at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Extract-Standardized-Curcuminoids/dp/B00HNVB3Y6.

Below we discuss more generally about the benefits of eating sushi for it value in nourishment and as a nutriment.

It Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You’ve probably heard of people saying that fish is good for you. This is because the oils in the fish contain essential fatty acids that our body needs.

These fatty acids are the ones that we don’t consume enough in our daily diet. Think of eating sushi as supplementing your nutrition with healthy fatty acids which supports your cardiovascular health.

Lean Choice When On A Diet

Let’s face it, fish are generally healthy. Regardless you’re in a diet or not, you can eat any kind of fish you want. When eating in restaurants, meat is usually lathered in oil – and we don’t want that.

When you are watching your weight, or simply making the right choices of food, sushi is the best choice. It doesn’t only tastes good, it is also a healthier option compared to anything offered in any menu.

Sushi Is Art

Do you know that in Japan, sushi makers have to undergo extensive training to master this art? In fact, if you go to sushi places, you will meet sushi makers who have been making this cuisinart for at least a decade.

These masters usually keep an apprentice with them to pass down their knowledge. In the United States, chefs undergo intensive training too. Sushi doesn’t only rely on the kind of fish a chef uses, it also is heavily judged in the way it was made and the way it was presented.

It’s fun

There are plenty of varieties of sushi. You can playfully pick any kind of sushi you want from nigari to the famous maki. To be honest, it is also quite fun to use chopsticks and dip your sushi in some soy sauce with wasabi. But the best part of it all is picking the sushi that you believe tastes the best.

It Is A Part Of An Old Culture

Sushi is a great way of exploring a different culture. Japanese highly value their sushi as an art for many years and its simplistic nature represent the people of Japan very well. Although many Western and Eastern influences have been adapted in the modern day sushi, this food is still a good representation of who the Japanese are.

You Can Make One At Home

Believe it or not, making your own sushi platter is not that expensive depending on the season. If you are lucky enough to catch a deal of fresh fish either on a supermarket or a farmer’s market, you can surely save big bucks instead of ordering one from a restaurant. It has a very minimal ingredients.

If you have an intricate hand, you will enjoy making these for sure. If you have some company coming over, it’s a great way to impress your house guests!

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Social security in California

Social Security is a major issue in today’s political field. The problems with it and the many proposed solutions are debated daily. Nearly every Californian citizen is enrolled in Social Security yet few know the full extent of the problem, or how the system works.

Now that we understand the full extent of the problem with Social Security, we can look at the proposed solutions and judge how well they will fix the problem. Different solutions include “Personal Retirement Accounts” (PRAs), diversifying Social Security’s trust funds’ investments, and raising payroll taxes, or the amount of wages subject to payroll taxes.

The most well known option is PRAs (Personal Retirement Accounts); this is the option on which President George W Bush’s plan was based. PRAs are not used to solve Social Security’s lack of funding, but to reform the system for future generations. This is part of a comprehensive solution to give younger workers the option to save some of their payroll taxes. Through PRAs, whatever money unused by the retiree could be passed on to children and grandchildren instead of the government. This system of Personal Retirement accounts is similar to the Federal employee retirement program known as the “Thrift Savings Plan” (TSP). In this system, PRAs could not be emptied all at once, but would be paid out over time as an addition to traditional Social Security benefits.

In the President’s plan workers would be permitted to allocate their PRAs among a small number of highly diversified index funds, as patterned by the TSP. PRAs would be protected from sudden market swings on the eve of retirement by being automatically invested in a “Life Cycle Portfolio”. Meaning when the worker reaches the age of 47 the portfolio would gradually shift the allocation of investments so it is weighted more heavily toward low-risk bonds, unless the worker and his spouse opt out by signing a waiver claiming they know the risks involved.

This plan of PRAs is not a solution to Social Security’s financial problem. This solution seems to be the only way to make Social Security a decent investment for future generations. PRAs would permanently change the very structure of the system, unlike the Band-aid fix of raising payroll taxes. The President’s plan will affect only those born after 1950; the system will remain the same for anyone 55 or older, those soon to be or collecting Social Security.

The problem with PRAs is that they will result in bringing in less income (part of the workers payroll taxes will be invested separately) at the very moment, we need more. Due to the changing demographics, less money is coming in for the growing number of retirees. Companies such as AARP are adamantly against PRAs because they “weaken Social Security.” Yet finding any plausible solution to Social Security’s problem is not an easy task. AARP has proposed two solutions not involving PRAs.

Those being: diversifying the Social Security Trust Funds’ investments, and raising the maximum amount of wages subject to payroll taxes. These solutions have their own set of problems. Raising payroll taxes enough to keep the government’s entitlements promises to future retirees would require doubling or tripling payroll taxes; that means 30 to 40% of a worker’s wages would go towards retirement benefits alone, not to mention his other federal, income, state, and local taxes! Raising payroll taxes is a temporary fix, since 1950, payroll taxes have been raised 20 times and we still have a problem. Diversifying the Trust fund’s investments is also temporary and will not solve the structural problem with Social Security.

None of these plans, besides raising taxes, brings in the needed higher revenue to pay for these coming retirees. Yet simply raising taxes will not solve the problem. The President plans to work with congress to find a feasible solution, involving his proposed PRAs. There is no written plan, but we know and are finding out more every day, the very structure of the system must be changed; PRAs are a way to change the structure of the system without quitting it.

There is no perfect solution yet, only different elements needed to solve the rising failure of Social Security. These elements; a reformed structure and a higher income during the transition to a new structure, are needed to find a solution for Social Security. We have patched the problem many times and we now need a permanent solution, or the system will fail and a generation will be left without the benefits they have paid into the system.

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A good Jazz club

The Club de Jazz certainly lives up to its name and reputation as one of the best watering holes for Santiaguinos thirsty for jazz. At 11 p.m. on Friday night, people are slowly strolling into the large house set amidst dense verdant foliage that announces its presence at with a bright, fluorescent sign. The club is easily accessible, being just a few blocks away from Plaza Nuñoa, that young and increasingly glitzy center of night life that some wags refer to the Big Apple.

The newcomers are almost certainly those who arrive early but, as it soon turns out, we have nothing to feel sorry about. The ambiance in the main hall is rustic. Wooden beams and columns, small round wooden tables and chairs lit up by candles, walls of wood and adobe, with the performers’ dais wedged into one corner. Caricatures of local jazz artists and posters of past legends and festivals of jazz adorn the walls. An old tuba stands at attention high up in one corner of the bar. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal – as it should be – thanks as much to the simplicity of the decor as to the unpretentiousness of its patrons.

There are two advantages of being an early bird – you can get a decent table from which to enjoy the proceedings and you can calmly order drinks and peanuts, as I did while waiting for Claudia Acuña and her group to come on stage.

Claudia Acuña? Till last Friday, the young lady was probably better known in New York than in Santiago! For she can claim the distinction of being the only Chilean to have her photograph at the entrance of New York’s Birdland club where she performed twice during her recent stay there. And how many Chileans have been honored by spontaneous accompaniment by someone as great as trumpeter Freddie Hubbard? On Friday night, the action picked up a half hour before midnight. Accompanied by her group, Ramòn “Moncho” Romero on piano, Alejandro Espinoza on drums and Jorge Rocha on double bass, – familiar and respected figures in local jazz circles – Claudia Acuña seduced the eager audience that packed the hall with a memorable performance featuring old hits like You’ve Changed, But Not for Me and I Fall in Love too Easily.

After the show, the cigarette smoke is slowly beginning to drift away, the night’s gate-receipts are being totted up and there is a mellow atmosphere all around. Fernando Verdugo, the jovial treasurer of the club, willingly agrees to a chat and takes pains to point out that the Club de Jazz is a non-profit institution that offers a forum for jazz enthusiasts, musicians and followers alike, to cultivate their passion by appreciating the performances of established names and by giving encouragement to any amateur wishing to share his musical talents with the faithful gathered. And sometimes they have a game of Spanish Blackjack too.

Thus, at times when a particularly good impromptu jam session gets going, the night can easily extend till the early hours of the morning. Today the club boasts some 160 members, musicians all, and while it has become considerably bigger than what it was, the idea is to try and preserve the intimacy and quality identified only by the discerning, that is associated with “la onda picada”, as Mr. Verdugo puts it. Since its birth 53 years ago, several international jazz greats, among them Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Mike Stern, have passed through its portals, not to mention a galaxy of local stars like the Angel Parra Trio and saxophonist Marcos Aldana.

The club opens at 10:30 on Thursdays and Saturdays, nights dedicated to “vanguard jazz” (ie, jazz fusion, etc.) and “traditional jazz” (Dixieland, Big Band), respectively. Claudia sang on a night meant for “standard jazz” when the evening commences at 11:30.

There is a cover charge of $30 with a $10 discount for students. The bar is fairly well-equipped, with a variety of drinks ranging from rum, tequila, vodka, all at $12 each, to soft drinks, beer and hot beverages for a third of that price. Drinks may be accompanied by salted peanuts, potato chips or a slice of pizza. A must for jazz lovers.

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California tourism

What To Do While Vacationing In the Golden State

The state of California is without exaggeration one of the best places to visit on a vacation because there is so much to do and see here. This wonderful state is filled with natural beauty and lots of man-made attractions, making it a great place to visit irrespective of whether you are on a family vacation or a honeymoon. Read about the different options that California tourism offers you so that you can plan your itinerary well.

There is no doubt that California has plenty of breathtaking natural beauty. Most people know about the Golden State’s lovely coastline, but they tend to forget that this state also has plenty of mountainous areas where a tourist can enjoy the snows. If beaches are your thing then you have more than 1000 miles to choose from but you could also head to the mountains in order to do some skiing. California also has lots of national parks where you can enjoy nature at its very best.

Of course, there are many places that people immediately associate with California and they are definitely worth a visit. Hollywood, just outside Los Angeles is one such place. There are lots of places you could visit here such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios, Kodak Theater and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre outside which is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is also a good idea to drive to see the iconic Hollywood sign in the hills. Other attractions include Disneyland, Alcatraz Island and the Petrified Forest. If you do visit San Diego then you certainly ought to make a trip to its zoo which is famous all over the world.

California is also a great place to enjoy fine foods and wine. This state is filled with restaurants where you can get to enjoy world class meals. Apart from high quality restaurants there are plenty of blues bars, nightclubs and even comedy clubs here. This state produces all sorts of food stuffs from seafood to vegetables to cheese. California also grows excellent wines that are appreciated all over the world.

If you are looking for some relaxation then you should make it a point to include a trip to a wellness spa in your itinerary. There are high quality spas in California offering the best treatments that will make you look better and feel completely rejuvenated. They are usually set in the serene environs of this state. When you feel completely refreshed you can spend some time going shopping. You’ll find lots of attractive things to buy here, from international fashion to local handicrafts, wine and produce.

Make sure that you plan your itinerary well before you make a trip to California. You’ll be able to enjoy the best of California tourism if you do lots of preparation in order to ensure that you include all your favorite things to do and see in your itinerary. In any case, you might need to make more than one trip to this state in order to experience everything it offers.

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California finances

California took quite a hard blow during the 2007 to 2009 recession and predictions are that it will continue to lag behind for a while even as the rest of the country picks up.

This year’s economic growth for California is projected at 1.5 percent with two hundred thousand jobs being added; currently the rate of unemployment stands at about 11 percent which is higher than the country’s average of 8.3 percent.

According to a report, the state’s economy will continue to recover but the problem is that the process will take quite some time. Come 2013 the rate of unemployment will still stand at an unattractive 10.3 percent.

California finances might be assisted by the entertainment (Hollywood), technology and international trade sectors as things look rather promising there. The real estate sector which was among the worst hit is improving but all indications are that it will take a considerable amount of time for things to get back to where they should be.

California‘s median household income drastically fell in the five year period between 2006 and 2011 by about 13.5%. This translates to the lowest household income for 18 years meaning that all the gains (on household income) that were made during the 90s as a result of a booming economy have pretty much been done away with. Currently, California’s economy is the 9th largest in the world which is a fall from the 8th position that it was not long ago.

Another indicator that all is not exactly well in California is the state’s budget. This year’s budget deficit is 16 billion dollars which is way more than what was previously predicted. Basically what this means is that the state will have to find solutions to deal with this issue and one option is increasing taxes which of course will first have to be approved by voters come November. The other option will be to cut funding to the education sector and public safety.

One of the reasons that the governor gave for this deficit increase is that the state failed to collect the amount of taxes they had expected; tax revenue actually fell by 3.5 billion dollars. He also attributed the increase to an unfavorable economy saying that the rate of growth of the same was not exactly what was anticipated due to the bad loans issue. Governor Brown asked the people of California to approve the tax increases saying that doing so will greatly assist in lifting the state from the financial quagmire that it is currently in.

Brown’s proposition is to raise the taxes of people making 250,000 dollars and above; this is however not a permanent measure. According to the governor doing this would add about 9 billion dollars to the state’s coffers although analysts say that the actual figure is 6.8 billion dollars.

There are some analysts who are claiming that the deficit could actually be more than the official figure of 16 billion, maybe more than 17 billion. There has been a lot of criticism on the state of California on its inability to improve its performance seeing that its residents are some of the highest taxed in the world.

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Explore California casinos

Most of the casinos in California are run by American Indian tribes. You can find anything from small cottage casinos to even casino resorts with all the luxuries. You can drive into California Casinos to much more than just the fun of gaming as most of them are located in the wilderness of the tribal lands. There are yet ones located in the downtown city or the freeway for easy access.

Of the whole of California, most of the casinos are located in Southern and Northern California, whereas Central California houses much less casinos. You can bump into California casinos at any time of the day all through the week. The simplest of the casinos will have essential amenities like a restaurant, cafeteria and of course the bingo area. The luxurious resort casinos will have everything like spas, hotels, golf course, steak houses, movie hall and much more under it. There are even ones that have shopping areas and wedding chapels to make the stay at the casino resort a memorable one.

Slots, Blackjack and card games are the games found at California casinos, but traditional craps and roulette is banned by law. Slots like video poker and keno are popular along with card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. There are some casinos that even provide Bingo and Off-track betting. If you love to play craps and roulette, then you should be able to find some wonderful modifications of the game which you would love to play in California.

Barona is a casino resort in southern California which is set in an overwhelming area of 310,000 sq.ft. It houses over 2000 slots, 400 video poker, and even a golf course. The restaurants here serve all kinds of food like Italian, seafood, steaks and cafeteria. You can find so many different games played at 72 tables and you cannot stop yourself from gaming here.

The Agua Caliente is a casino resort spa which is the best place in southern California to take a deep breath and relax the body and mind. It has 40 table games, 200 poker, 50 keno and 1300 slots. The entertainment theater here is the best concert theater in the whole of Southern California.

Casino Pauma is the place to go if you are in for some true serious gaming. The payout offered at this casino is the most popular with about 98% payout. There are basic facilities like the restaurant and cocktail service.

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