Turmeric Curcumin and Sushi


Due to the large Asian population in California, Japanese food and sushi in particular are very popular.

They are now making sushi with curcumin and this is one of my favorites. This Asian spice has a lot of medecinal properties and it tastes great when added on a sushi, what a great combination. You can find information about the nutritional properties of turmeric curcumin at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Extract-Standardized-Curcuminoids/dp/B00HNVB3Y6.

Below we discuss more generally about the benefits of eating sushi for it value in nourishment and as a nutriment.

It Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You’ve probably heard of people saying that fish is good for you. This is because the oils in the fish contain essential fatty acids that our body needs.

These fatty acids are the ones that we don’t consume enough in our daily diet. Think of eating sushi as supplementing your nutrition with healthy fatty acids which supports your cardiovascular health.

Lean Choice When On A Diet

Let’s face it, fish are generally healthy. Regardless you’re in a diet or not, you can eat any kind of fish you want. When eating in restaurants, meat is usually lathered in oil – and we don’t want that.

When you are watching your weight, or simply making the right choices of food, sushi is the best choice. It doesn’t only tastes good, it is also a healthier option compared to anything offered in any menu.

Sushi Is Art

Do you know that in Japan, sushi makers have to undergo extensive training to master this art? In fact, if you go to sushi places, you will meet sushi makers who have been making this cuisinart for at least a decade.

These masters usually keep an apprentice with them to pass down their knowledge. In the United States, chefs undergo intensive training too. Sushi doesn’t only rely on the kind of fish a chef uses, it also is heavily judged in the way it was made and the way it was presented.

It’s fun

There are plenty of varieties of sushi. You can playfully pick any kind of sushi you want from nigari to the famous maki. To be honest, it is also quite fun to use chopsticks and dip your sushi in some soy sauce with wasabi. But the best part of it all is picking the sushi that you believe tastes the best.

It Is A Part Of An Old Culture

Sushi is a great way of exploring a different culture. Japanese highly value their sushi as an art for many years and its simplistic nature represent the people of Japan very well. Although many Western and Eastern influences have been adapted in the modern day sushi, this food is still a good representation of who the Japanese are.

You Can Make One At Home

Believe it or not, making your own sushi platter is not that expensive depending on the season. If you are lucky enough to catch a deal of fresh fish either on a supermarket or a farmer’s market, you can surely save big bucks instead of ordering one from a restaurant. It has a very minimal ingredients.

If you have an intricate hand, you will enjoy making these for sure. If you have some company coming over, it’s a great way to impress your house guests!